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You can get a RescueCard for Free! (plus S&H)

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This little gadget is one of those multi-tools you wish you had in your wallet when you were trying to open or cut or lever something. Something that happens often, and repeatedly, while spending months at a time in a tent.

{I feel like I should be saying: “It slices, it dices!”, to misquote Ron Popeil}



This tool also comes with 3 free ebooks about wilderness training. Some of it appears to be a little extreme, but sometimes the best info comes from those kinds of resources.


I don’t know about you, but I know I’ve spent more on ’emergency break the car window glass sharp thing that fits in my wallet’ than the $4.95 S&H they’re asking for. Even just on Wish or eBay, I’ve spent more on little whosits and whatsits.

One of the other reasons I like the ‘wallet-sized‘ options for tools like this is knowing that they can always easily slip into a tighter pocket or the back zipper of a fanny pack. You’re not only less likely to lose it but also more likely to carry it with you. Also, for any ladies out there: yes these sorts of things usually fit there, too.


This particular gem has:

  • paracord
  • screwdriver
  • saw blade
  • hex wrench
  • scraper
  • blade
  • rope cutter
  • plus 9 more


Click Here! to get your new wallet tool.


Let me know what you think about getting free stuff in the comments!

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