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Picnic Table by Rene Cerney

Folding Table

Oh, the variety!! When you’re camping, you need somewhere to put things, even temporarily. When you’re long term camping or living in a tent, it is definitely a necessary component. If you’re just weekend camping or hiking site to site, you can leave a table off the supply list, but feel free to give this a read through anyway!

So many styles of camping tables exist that I could probably make them their own website. Alas, I don’t have the funds for that. So, I’ll just talk about them singularly.

Today’s example is a good and sturdy bungee table (yay, I get to talk about bungees that aren’t connected to a tarp!):


Simple, easy to use, sturdy. Also, and quite importantly, easy to clean.

People seem to underestimate the importance of cleaning – and the ease or difficulty thereof.  When out in the middle of nowhere, with limited supplies, every single bit of camping gear you don’t have to carry with you is a plus.

This table is 18 inches wide and folds like a TV tray table (people still know what those are right?).

One of the definite perks of the cupholders is the fact that you can quickly push any games pieces into them to make space quickly. Of course, you can also use them as cup holders, but I don’t see why. 🙂

Now, this particular example is heavier than some – but bare with me:

  • it can hold more weight than most – it’s an actual steel frame!
  • it is far less likely to randomly collapse – ditto
  • the two cupholders aren’t too close to the edge, so the fabric is less likely to tear
  • you can get a firm grip on the sides to move it one-handed without worrying about denting it
  • the fabric is designed to withstand extended UV exposure
  • the table is a good size to fit in most tents, as well as store under the fly or tarp
  • the rounded edges mean your little ones are less likely to hurt themselves bumping into it


Well then, doesn’t this table sound tons better than most of what you see available nowadays?

Let me know if you like this table, or this style, in the comments!




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