Food Fridays: Cheese

Cheese by Ana Abreu

Cheese: Bricks and Sticks

Cheese is one of the most versatile and transportable food stuffs out there.

Yes, most people refrigerate their cheese. Yes, it can help them last longer.

However, when camping, cheese just needs to go in zippy bags and be stored in scent-blocking containers.


Why bring cheese camping?

Pretty simple, actually. It gives you dairy and a little protein, and is a solid energy boost that doesn;t fade quickly like sugars.


Won’t it get gross if it’s not cold?

No, not really.

Remember how cheese is made. Some of the most expensive cheeses in the world are kept in caves for over a year.

After a week or so, the outer layer of your cheese might feel a bit weird, but that’s mostly just the oil/fat separating out some.


Which is better: bricks or sticks?

Depends on how much cheese you eat.

If you use it as a regular staple of your diet, the more cost-effective option is the bricks – and if you have kids who can’t stand the same kinds, you can get each of them their own.

If, however, you’re just looking for a quick pick-me-up while hiking, the cheese sticks are probably better. They transport easier, and you can decide how many you want to carry with you on each hike.

If you’re living in a tent or long term camping, get the cheese bricks (but you may want some sticks for while you’re walking).

If you’re backpacking, hiking from site to site, weekend camping, or just out in nature for a short trip, the cheese sticks are more adaptable and advantageous.



Bricks or sticks, which are you?



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