Games For Camping: Pub Quiz!

Pub Quizzes are Great for Camping!

Keeping your group engaged and social during a long camping trip, or when living in a tent, can drastically improve the attitudes and atmosphere of everyone involved throughout the course of your adventure.

You may think: “Mar, we’re living in a tent together? Isn’t that enough ‘together’ time to be social?”

Well, dearies, you would think so. However, for long trips (or just a group trying to get to know each other better) think of it like a long car ride: after a short while you all start to get annoyed with each other over nothing. Absolutely nothing. The reasons seem like they matter at the time, but they don’t. People start to poke at each other, physically or verbally. This is either out of curiousity, boundaries testing, or just plain old 5-year old behavior. Creating social situations that are pointless but guided lends time for those stresses to dissolve. Playing games that allow people to be calm or active, as they chose, letting energy levels grow or calm per each individual’s own needs.

Young or old, outgoing or reserved, aural or written: pub quizzes have you covered.


What’s a pub quiz?

Have you ever seen a panel of contestants making fun of Jimmy Carr about his taxes? [not that he doesn’t completely deserve it] That’s a pub quiz. Sort of like Alex Trebek asking you questions, but not. And sometimes it ends up more like when Colin and Ryan really start going at it and Drew Carey can’t quite stop them fast enough (or when Robin Williams was on and no one could keep up with him).

Alternatively, if you’ve ever played a trivia game, that’s a type of pub quiz. There’s just no $$ (or alcohol) at the end when you play at home. Or, if there is, it’s your own variation.


Why a pub quiz for camping?

When you’re traveling with a group of people, they’re going to have their own specialties and interests. Most trivia games become a contest between the geek and the sports fanatic of the group.

Pub quizzes tend to even that out. They’re based, generally, on information most people have seen or heard of. Of course there are more complicated or specific questions; but usually these give people a better chance at overall enjoyment.

If your group likes specific topics, and you know the in-fighting will be kept low (or at least be amusing), most pub quizzes come with specialty packs that you can also use.


Why not a boardgame?

Well, here’s the thing. I’m going to be covering board games (another with infinite variety ). However, they usually take up more space (not always, there are several I can shove into a single pocket) and those with actual physical boards run a higher risk of damage.

I prefer things like pub quizzes because I can save them off to my computer and just print what I want to bring on any trip. If something happens to the set, or part of it, I’m not out any physical product. I can just print more whenever I’m back near civilization. [if you’re living in a tent, make friends with someone with a printer. It will help in far more ways than you can imagine now]


What’s my example for today?

Today’s example is the Chance to Learn Quiz Packs. Click Here to see their site.



These contain a lot of questions. A lot. Soooooooooooo many questions (with answers!) are in these.

They do have content topics, so if your group has preferences or things none of them know, you can choose to print just the topics you want.

Since it’s ‘print as you wish’ you can satisfy your group’s geek, sports fanatic, and everyone else without worrying about anyone throwing chess pieces (or kids hiding game tokens in their siblings’ sleeping bags). [there’s nothing quite like being woken up at 3 in the morning by a screaming neighbor because they just stepped on a house piece. Lego doesn’t have the “monopoly” on that. … Sorry, bad pun 🙂 ]

Yes, it requires paper and writing implements. However, you know what’s awesome about paper? It can’t be instantly ruined when stacked under all your supplies as you head out on your trip. Stick it in a binder and you’re set to go. It can be under the tents, tarps, stakes, bedding, cooking supplies, and toiletries without you having to worry about any board or collector’s edition box getting crushed. Pub quizzes usually take up less room than board games, though some are about even.


What kinds of board games do you enjoy when out on the trail? What do you think about pub quizzes? Do you prefere David Mitchell or Walliams?

Let me know in the comments!


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