Looking to live long term in a tent? Camping long term?

the importance of rope versus bungee

Have you ever wondered about long term camping? Tenting for months?

Hello, hello!

Having quite a bit of experience living long term in tents, and several separate experiences living long term in minivans, I can safely say I have some tips and ideas for how to make the experience safer and far more fun.

I plan to post almost daily (in the words of JKR: “There’s no post on Sundays). Also, once I learn how to make videos, post them here and on my YouTube channel discussing certain aspects that quickly become important to stay safe, dry, and as comfortable as possible.

Also coming soon, a newsletter with summarized information and easy email sign-up!

Please leave a comment below with any questions or stories!

Hope to see you on the trail!


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I'm (now) an Affiliate, who blogs about the materials, gear and supplies needed for living in a tent and long term camping: http://longtermcamping.siterubix.com I also enjoy reading and sci-fi in all its many forms.


  1. Great site. It is very informative and I found it very interesting even though I am not much of an outdoor person. I’m sure you will teach many people about the safe way to put up tents.
    Good luck

    • Thanks Jody!
      I’m going to eventually talk about spending months at a time in tents, but so many people who think they can live outdoors don’t know the basics, so I decided I’d better start there.

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