Medicine Monday: Ichthammol

Cream Tube by Kerem Yucel


Today’s post is going to be short:

(unless you’re vegan…)

Use Ichthammol for external cuts, scrapes, and minor (MINOR!!) burns.

Ichthammol is not meant to be anywhere near the eyes or mouth; but it is great at supporting wound care, pulling out splinters, and providing minor (incidental, really) relief to pain. When you’re out hiking, fishing, camping, or just living in a tent, ichthammol can be a wonderful asset in a tiny package.

I’ve tried the other options – they aren’t as good.

Fewer and fewer places are carrying ichthammol, which is unfortunate. Oddly enough, CVS (of all places) has their own brand right on the shelves. Everywhere else, IF they carry it, has it behind the pharmacy counter – and they don’t usually even know they have it.

One note: Don’t leave the ichthammol tube in the sun. Like paints or peanut butter, it can separate and leak. Store it upright in your first aid kit, if possible, or just keep it hidden. I like to keep mine in a zippy bag, just in case.


Like I said, short post today, but there’s not really much to say about it. 🙂

Do you use ichthammol? Can you spell it on the first try?

Let me know in the comments!

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