Stacking Water Containers

Waterbrick Stack

Water Wednesday: Stacking Water?!?!!

Camping and water. The hardest daily need to meet during the best times of life.

What do you do if you can’t carry anything too large or heavy?

You don’t need to stop camping, just change how you do some things, and where some stuff is set up.

One thing that can help with that, or just water storage in general, are these beauts:

They work sort of like tinkertoys, you can stack and pile as many as you want (seriously, their recommended max height is 4′), and lock them together. If you get at least 4, they even come with a spigot (which is not something everywhere offers).

Each brick holds 3.5 gal, so they still have good storage individually. And, of course, massive storage when used in combination.


Here’s where the one-night-only campers and weekend warriors may want to drop off. If you’re long term camping, living in a tent, or hiking from site to site, however, these can be exactly what you need.

These babies are designed to survive being dropped. Often.

They’re also designed to hold some serious weight. Not only can they be stacked to 4′ high, a lot of people are starting to use them to store dry goods – naturally with most weighing more than just water itself.

Personally, and I haven’t tried it yet but hopefully will this summer, I think I could fit my entire camping wardrobe in one, and not have to worry about it all getting soaked the next time the tent floods.



If I haven’t made just how fantastic these are clear, here’s a video! It’s worth watching just for the bear 🙂




So, what do you think?

Awesome? Indispensable? Realizing you already see these on rafting tour boats? (cause you do!)

Let me know in the comments what you’d use them for!!

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