Thinking Thursday: Ugh

Headache by Catherine Reymond

A Non-Continuation of Thought

Since my head feels like it wants to explode, all I can think about is pain relievers and how they don’t mix with long hikes or complicated tent setups.

Bending over, or leaning back, or breathing hard trying to heft something higher just adds nausea to an already tumultuous situation.

Push the tongue right up against the front teeth and try not to pass out. Not a good way to get through your day. And not always a successful technique.

So, as the screen is burning out my eyes, that may be it for today. It doesn’t help that it’s taken me almost an hour just to type this.

However, just a thought to leave you with: what is your emergency plan for when you’re out camping and you just can’t?

Make sure you have one.


and, hey, let me know in the comments!




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