Why a Tent?

Camping: Everything You Need To Know About Camping From Beginner To Outdoorsman (Camping 101, Camping Mastery)

Camping in a Tent? Long term tenting? Why? How? Why???

Well, why not?

When camping in a tent, especially if you have ever been camping before, is not only one of the cheapest ways to set up a campsite, but also the safest way to be close to nature.

Why do I keep mentioning safety?

As a single woman camping, who has also taken groups of children out to teach them how to camp, safety is a topic I think about every day.

Having fun and saving money are usually my main goals when I camp, but without taking precautions to be safe I will never be able to achieve enjoyment in the activity. As with any situation, safety needs to be the #1 priority.

You may have heard stories about someone going out to camp with just a sleeping bag, or even just a water bottle. There are a few things to keep in mind when you hear those stories:

1 – It’s usually a guy. It’s usually a guy who could bench-press you without any worries,

2a – They’re generally brand new to camping, and will never repeat the experience OR

2b – They do this all the time and are accustomed to exactly how to sleep, how close to their fire to stay, how to deal with any insects/animals, and how to quickly take care of any injuries they may sustain. And finally,

3 – They’re camping in a place very familiar to them, not to isolated from assistance, and with a fully charged phone AND walkie-talkie in their pocket.

If you’re thinking to yourself “I can do that!”

I would like to congratulate you on your survival skills and already established long-term habit of camping and living in nature. If you then feel the strong urge to inform me that you’ve only ever camped in a cabin/trailer/backyard but know you could go out there and do it, I would kindly ask that you read the above list again.

Honestly, I would love to hear from you if you have this type of hard-earned camping experience. I would also like to hear any complaints from people who just want to jump right in and camp primitive so I can help guide you through starting out. Please leave a comment below!

Seriously, I believe in Safety, and will help you get there even if you think I’m being condescending while I worry about YOUR safety (which I’m not trying to do – condescension helps no one and only builds anger).

If you have read through all this, and think you might be interested in learning more, there’s actually a great book to help you get started:

Camping: Everything You Need To Know About Camping From Beginner To Outdoorsman (Camping 101, Camping Mastery) Camping: Everything You Need To Know About Camping From Beginner To Outdoorsman (Camping 101, Camping Mastery)

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